Anonymous asks:Who was your last crush?

like real one? this boy in my grade, like a year and a half ago

Anonymous asks:have any crushes rn?

I havent had a real crush on someone since junior year. I mean i have like those ones where its like “oh hey that tumblr user is hot af, lemme say hi….oh but they dont respond to me, ehh im over it.” or “oh hey that boy walking by is yum, he just walked out of my line of sight, ill probably never see him again…im over it.” 

Anonymous asks:*hugs* It seemed like you need a hug, so here you go hun. Much love <3

thanks homie


Story time. (It’s not that exciting)
I was at Dolores park today with friends and we were sitting at the top of the park and this man was sitting by himself kinda close to us and he had a little notebook and he was just looking at the park and the city. He was dressed well and he had a beard and dark brown hair and these light greyish blue eyes, he looked maybe 26. I just really wanted to go over and sit next to him and talk to him about anything and just make him smile.

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im thinking its about time I get a boyf who has tats, killer style and soft lips

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oh lord

omg I finally got my Lana CD and Tshirt, I havent heard any of the songs that werent singles yet. this is it

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