Anonymous asks:u gay?

nope I am not, neither am I straight, or bi, or anything. I just like who I like :D


I was out biking and I ran into this art teacher I had a crush on when I was in high school, who was also biking home and he is the cutest fucking guy ever and he said “we can bike part of the way home together!” And I got to see watch him bike away. let me tell you, he got the booty. Sucks he has a girlfriend, cuz I’d be all over a cute guy who is an art teacher.

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Anonymous asks:post a pic!



In bed with a really yummy sandwich, watching fight club and wearing only a shirt. This is niceee

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Sitting here listening to my parents talk about how I’m an idiot who doesn’t know common sense.

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Anonymous asks:How tall are you?

6foot 2

Anonymous asks:the things i would do to you in those shorts...

Like cuddles and eat food and watch movies?

Uploading again, just to only say that I feel like I look good in these :)